Saying I love in Ways that Matter: Good Kitchen Knife Set With Block


I have bought my wife almost everything you can think of, well, at least I would like to think so. On our last anniversary I got her a set of kitchen knives. If you are looking for a good knife set with block then you just found one! I went out looking for a present that would benefit us (it’s a bit selfish I know) but still make her feel good. “You better not be in there using my knives!” She never get tired of saying this every time I stay for more than a minute in the kitchen. She even shouts from the bedroom when she clearly knows its my special night to make her favorite dish. I just think she like saying it. “Make sure you put them back in their block after you’re done, each one in its place, ok?” I just smile.

My wife is cultured. You know what I mean? She likes fine things, stylish things, things that say, “Hey! Check out my class”.

I went for the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 20-Piece Knife Block Set kitchen knife block set. First of all, I was drawn to the name. It sounds a bit regal, like it comes from a special place. I recently discovered that the kitchen knives actually come from a real special place in Germany called Solingen. The place has a history of crafting fine knives and they even have a rule as to who can qualify to brand the name “Solingen” on their knives. This shows how deep they respect their culture and art. A sign of a good product I would say.

Our set of Wüsthof Ikon kitchen knives has everything you will ever need in the kitchen! This massive kitchen arsenal lives up to the hype and pomp given to its origin and manufacturers. Wüsthof is a big name in the knife making industry and their craft goes some 200 years back. With the 8 steak knives, it also includes every other category of kitchen knife in the world. Professional chefs would love this set. Curve, slice, dice, chop or mince, this set caters for everything. Although I haven’t had the chance to use it, the sharpener is also great for an inclusion. The pair of scissors help with snipping juice packs among other things. I used it once to cut wings and it worked just fine.

The German steel alloy used to hand-forge these blades makes them razor sharp while the laser guided tapering ensures they stay sharp for longer. The steel is tempered for durability. The blade is also designed in such a way that you can sharpen the entire blade’s length. You must ensure that you use them properly and store them appropriately in their specific slots, in the finely finished and polished wooden block. Hey, I even got a free curving fork as a bonus on the deal but there was no where to store it on the kitchen knife set block so it goes in the drawer.

The high quality plastic handles are designed in a contoured finishing to fit in your hand for firm gripping. The 3 rivets ensure that the knife is solidly attached together. I also liked the way their trident logo is printed on the handles. Makes them look more authentic.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would gladly give this set 8.5.

Try them out.