My experience with Pokemon Go

We all play different type of video games, most of them are popular, others are not but I am sure that we all know this famous game that conquered the world. Even where I live, the people are obsessed with Pokemon Go. And like most of my friends, I downloaded the game because, you know, I was curious. Now I am going to tell you about my experience with this game.

In the beginning everything was okay, I mean we were having fun. My friends and I were searching for Pokemons everywhere we went. Here’s a Pokemon Go guide to getting started for beginners. We met some new people, made new friends while we were catching this little creatures. We thought it was okay, what could happen. It was just one game with more pros than cons (you all know the things they are talking about the game like: getting fit while walking. But then one day four of my friends and I were traveling to the beach with my friend’s car. While he was driving the car and we were talking to each other, he asked me if I mind taking the control of the car just for a minute. I was sitting on the front seat next to him. Firstly, I thought he was not feeling okay so I agreed. But then he just took his phone out of his pocket and started searching for Pokemons. And I was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”. At this time he thought there was a car in front of us and he applied the brake. We didn’t hit, but in this moment I realised how obsessed are all. He decided to not search for Pokemons while he was driving but even the idea of doing it was crazy, you know. Since this day I’m not playing Pokemon Go in a car.