How Foundaspace helped Us Find The Best Serviced Offices

To begin with, we operate one of the biggest distributors of computer parts among other accessories, and as a business that wants to tap every single opportunity that arises, we have spread our wings. We now operate in over 5 cities in around the world. The business is doing well and we are even planning to go into a number of countries in the coming years. However, our journey to where we did not come on a silver platter, we have worked our way up to the top, and to some extend I owe all this success to Foundaspace office listings. I will tell you why.


Before we ventured into our current market, it did not take us time to figure out that having the best serviced offices was the only way we could get that confidence and trust from our clients. We talked to a number of agents in those locations, but the kind of services we got is not what we really wanted. It was after what we went through, I decide to talk to a friend who had already established his business in same cities we were going into, and he advised us to first check with Foundaspace office listings. We immediately sort help from Foundaspace and what we got is mind blowing. We got what we needed.

Foundaspace has over and over the yeas provided the best listings for serviced and virtual offices from a good number of countries and ton and tons of cities in and around the world. My advise to others; foundaspace is one of the best things you can go for help if your are looking for the best serviced office for your business. With it, you could easily compare rent for different properties. Ultimately, foundaspace has been a blessing to us, and even as we plan to go into new market, we have already started browsing through foundaspace office listings. It is the place to be.