How A Rice Cooker Solved It All

If you happen to be at my place, don’t be surprised of the love I have for one of my kitchen appliances. No not the fridge but, my rice cookers. My obsession with this cookers started several years ago. Actually, I was in college then. At 17, I loved food, especially rice. That’s how I ended up in a cooking class.

One time our teacher told us to say something about whatever we liked. That’s when I first broke the story about these appliances. I told them (teacher and fellow colleagues) how I was head over my heels for the rice cookers my mama bought. The first couple of seconds as my rice cooker review rolled from my lips to their ears, they laughed me down except the teacher whose attention made to me to go on and unravel everything. Friends let me be honest with you, using the best fuzzy logic rice cooker allows me to do too much with a yummy meal.
cooking rice
I NEVER fear using the rice cookers because chances are everybody will stick at the dining table till the last grain is in their mouth. Here comes the rice cookers. All I do is add whatever that’s on the cooking menu with enough water into the rice cookers. The interesting thing about it is how they SING to me once they start and when they’re through. Another excellent feature is the rice cookers’ timers. I time them and leave them alone while I do something else.

This is how my rice cookers work. They have some settings that come with them. I pay special attention to the settings I will use for special things like steel coats and sushi. However, anything can be cooked on quick cooking settings. I can do grains, beans, vegetables and slow-cooked meat. It works! When I say it works, I mean it. First, I put in a cup of rice and a cup of water. Next, I rinse the rice and when cooking is over I let it rest a bit before I serve it. Remember, the more the rice, the more water needed.

Reference: Frontera Cooking

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