A Great Sewing Experience


I had sewn since I was in my early twenties. My first job when I finished high school was as a sail-maker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had grown up sailing on the bay, and sail-making seemed like a way that I could indulge my passion for sailing, and make some money while I was at it.

The fact that I have moved on to other ways of making money shows how successful I was at sail-making.

Sewing is a difficult craft to master. I remember finishing a large spinnaker, and being excited as I laid it out on the floor for inspection, only to look in horror at the puckers and pleats that I had inadvertently created in what was supposed to be a smooth, even surface.

I would watch in awe as our senior sewing expert whizzed through a sail, and try to analyze what he was doing that I was missing.

In the end I was relegated to sewing patches on sails, sewing up the sail bags, and performing other tasks deemed worthy of my lesser skills in the sewing-based arts. And, I turned my bruised ego to handwork; splicing ropes and providing the artistic sort of hand-sewing that is still employed in modern sail-making.

But, that was long ago. When I visited a sewing machine supplier in preparation to begin my article on sewing machine reviews, I figured that I still remembered enough about sewing machines to do the reviews some justice. After all, I had cut my teeth on some fairly large heavy-duty industrial-type sewing machines. So, these beginner home sewing machines couldn’t be very difficult to understand, right?

Wrong. I had forgotten that technology always moves forward. That in the intervening years between my sewing days and my sewing machine review days, Sewing machine manufactures had come up with a dizzying array of computerized machines that provided a multitude of intricate stitches and automatic features.

In the end, my ego was crushed yet again. I simply pointed to the sewing machine that had the most features, and declared it the winner of my ill-fated attempt at sewing machine reviews.

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