My Top Choices of Steam Iron

Now, lets face it, ironing might prove to be one of those home chores that many people do not like, and adding to the problem is when you are ironing using the wrong steam iron. Practically, if you want to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable, you need one of the best steam irons. However, with several and some of the best steam iron reviews online, picking the best might prove to be difficult. The following are pros and cons of two steam irons that have been tested and tried.


Panasonic NIW 920 A

Selling at around $73 to $80, we can say it is one of the best steam irons under 100. In fact, it is one of those steam irons that you can achieve both reliability and affordability. The following are its pros and cons.

This particular iron comes with one of the best temperatures settings. With this, you will not experience any kind of fluctuation.
It is lightweight and you will not have any trouble moving it on top your clothes.
Coming with such a price and amazing features, it is worth checking out

Nothing is perfect and this item from Panasonic comes with one. There have been many complaints about the temperature. If you compare with other brands, it is much slower to achieve a certain temperature.

Philips, Azur GC4914, Perfect Care

For years, Philips have always ensured their products are incorporated with the latest technology, and it is no surprise this Philips iron steam is on the list of the best steam iron reviews online. The following are some of the most notable pros and con of this wonderful steam iron.

Optimal Temp Feature; with this incredible technology, you will be able to iron any piece of clothing without changing the temperatures.
Coming with a 350 ml tank, you will practically iron for almost 20 minutes without refilling.
It is extremely light.
It is one of the best for removing greases.

No major drawback has been reported so far, but just like the other one reaching certain temperature still remains a challenge.

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A Night with the Flamingoes

When I visited the beautiful country of Kenya I was so impressed with the many activities that one can do in the wild. I quickly planned my next escapade and headed to the Great Rift Valley. I was going for a wonderful camping weekend in the beautiful salty lake, Lake Elementaita. The lake is known for its wonderful camping experiences and many locals and foreigners frequent the lake to enjoy the lake. The hot springs near the lake add a beautiful touch to the camping experience. The Great Rift Valley provides a unique geographical structure for those who love hiking and mountain climbing. I quickly grabbed my stuff and started packing for the great weekend. I was more excited by the fact that there was going to be a festival at one of the camping sites. A great chance to interact with the locals. I had everything ready except that I did not have a camping air mattress.


The hustle to get the best cheap air mattress for camping trip started. Most of the stores I went to lacked what I wanted. Most had simple hammocks that would not be very efficient and won’t be able to serve the purpose I needed. In my mind I was looking for something that could give me with comfort and security. I wanted an air mattress that had a good material, was light, comfortable and it could serve the purpose of being a camping mat and a mattress. After several rounds in the city of Nairobi I finally got what I wanted in a mall.

The new air mattress proved to be very effective. It had a wonderful design and I could pack it comfortably in my truck. The air mattress had a good material that would not tear. It was also very light and I could carry it comfortably with no worry of getting tired. I was sure my night with the flamingoes was going to be an awesome experience. As I parked in the camping site the beautiful lake was a breathtaking sight. The pink stretch on the other side was an assurance to that this was going to be a beautiful experience. The place was littered with people who were also getting ready for a camping weekend, just like me many had their air mattresses for camping. The crowd was enjoyable and soon a bone fire was lit. After a wonderful night of dancing and drinking I slowly went to my tent to my new friend. My best cheap air mattress for camping air trip was very comfortable and I was glad that I had made this investment.

Saying I love in Ways that Matter: Good Kitchen Knife Set With Block


I have bought my wife almost everything you can think of, well, at least I would like to think so. On our last anniversary I got her a set of kitchen knives. If you are looking for a good knife set with block then you just found one! I went out looking for a present that would benefit us (it’s a bit selfish I know) but still make her feel good. “You better not be in there using my knives!” She never get tired of saying this every time I stay for more than a minute in the kitchen. She even shouts from the bedroom when she clearly knows its my special night to make her favorite dish. I just think she like saying it. “Make sure you put them back in their block after you’re done, each one in its place, ok?” I just smile.

My wife is cultured. You know what I mean? She likes fine things, stylish things, things that say, “Hey! Check out my class”.

I went for the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 20-Piece Knife Block Set kitchen knife block set. First of all, I was drawn to the name. It sounds a bit regal, like it comes from a special place. I recently discovered that the kitchen knives actually come from a real special place in Germany called Solingen. The place has a history of crafting fine knives and they even have a rule as to who can qualify to brand the name “Solingen” on their knives. This shows how deep they respect their culture and art. A sign of a good product I would say.

Our set of Wüsthof Ikon kitchen knives has everything you will ever need in the kitchen! This massive kitchen arsenal lives up to the hype and pomp given to its origin and manufacturers. Wüsthof is a big name in the knife making industry and their craft goes some 200 years back. With the 8 steak knives, it also includes every other category of kitchen knife in the world. Professional chefs would love this set. Curve, slice, dice, chop or mince, this set caters for everything. Although I haven’t had the chance to use it, the sharpener is also great for an inclusion. The pair of scissors help with snipping juice packs among other things. I used it once to cut wings and it worked just fine.

The German steel alloy used to hand-forge these blades makes them razor sharp while the laser guided tapering ensures they stay sharp for longer. The steel is tempered for durability. The blade is also designed in such a way that you can sharpen the entire blade’s length. You must ensure that you use them properly and store them appropriately in their specific slots, in the finely finished and polished wooden block. Hey, I even got a free curving fork as a bonus on the deal but there was no where to store it on the kitchen knife set block so it goes in the drawer.

The high quality plastic handles are designed in a contoured finishing to fit in your hand for firm gripping. The 3 rivets ensure that the knife is solidly attached together. I also liked the way their trident logo is printed on the handles. Makes them look more authentic.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would gladly give this set 8.5.

Try them out.

How Foundaspace helped Us Find The Best Serviced Offices

To begin with, we operate one of the biggest distributors of computer parts among other accessories, and as a business that wants to tap every single opportunity that arises, we have spread our wings. We now operate in over 5 cities in around the world. The business is doing well and we are even planning to go into a number of countries in the coming years. However, our journey to where we did not come on a silver platter, we have worked our way up to the top, and to some extend I owe all this success to Foundaspace office listings. I will tell you why.


Before we ventured into our current market, it did not take us time to figure out that having the best serviced offices was the only way we could get that confidence and trust from our clients. We talked to a number of agents in those locations, but the kind of services we got is not what we really wanted. It was after what we went through, I decide to talk to a friend who had already established his business in same cities we were going into, and he advised us to first check with Foundaspace office listings. We immediately sort help from Foundaspace and what we got is mind blowing. We got what we needed.

Foundaspace has over and over the yeas provided the best listings for serviced and virtual offices from a good number of countries and ton and tons of cities in and around the world. My advise to others; foundaspace is one of the best things you can go for help if your are looking for the best serviced office for your business. With it, you could easily compare rent for different properties. Ultimately, foundaspace has been a blessing to us, and even as we plan to go into new market, we have already started browsing through foundaspace office listings. It is the place to be.

A Great Sewing Experience


I had sewn since I was in my early twenties. My first job when I finished high school was as a sail-maker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had grown up sailing on the bay, and sail-making seemed like a way that I could indulge my passion for sailing, and make some money while I was at it.

The fact that I have moved on to other ways of making money shows how successful I was at sail-making.

Sewing is a difficult craft to master. I remember finishing a large spinnaker, and being excited as I laid it out on the floor for inspection, only to look in horror at the puckers and pleats that I had inadvertently created in what was supposed to be a smooth, even surface.

I would watch in awe as our senior sewing expert whizzed through a sail, and try to analyze what he was doing that I was missing.

In the end I was relegated to sewing patches on sails, sewing up the sail bags, and performing other tasks deemed worthy of my lesser skills in the sewing-based arts. And, I turned my bruised ego to handwork; splicing ropes and providing the artistic sort of hand-sewing that is still employed in modern sail-making.

But, that was long ago. When I visited a sewing machine supplier in preparation to begin my article on sewing machine reviews, I figured that I still remembered enough about sewing machines to do the reviews some justice. After all, I had cut my teeth on some fairly large heavy-duty industrial-type sewing machines. So, these beginner home sewing machines couldn’t be very difficult to understand, right?

Wrong. I had forgotten that technology always moves forward. That in the intervening years between my sewing days and my sewing machine review days, Sewing machine manufactures had come up with a dizzying array of computerized machines that provided a multitude of intricate stitches and automatic features.

In the end, my ego was crushed yet again. I simply pointed to the sewing machine that had the most features, and declared it the winner of my ill-fated attempt at sewing machine reviews.

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Air Beds for Hosting Guests from Out of Town

airmattress (1)

Whether you intend to use it during your camping trips or need extra sleeping accommodation for your guests, an airbed, or commonly referred to as an air bed is the ultimate solution for virtually all your sleeping needs. There are many brands of air mattresses on the market but not all of them can meet your needs accordingly. The Intex air mattress for guest bed is very highly rated by best air beds reviews 2015. Here are some of the Intex air beds that are worth to purchase:

Intex Raised Downy
The firmness of this superb Intex air bed cannot be affected by anything, not even the temperature, location and humidity. It features a dual chamber construction that is perfect for holding air well, thus keeping it fully inflated throughout the night. It comes with a water proof flocked top and an electric-powered pump that is easy to use when inflating or deflating this air bed.

Intex Raised Rest Pillow
This great airbed combines the convenience of a highly portable airbed with superb comfort of spending the night on a raised platform. It comes with a plush top that is ideal for covering its top and also providing a luxurious feel. It can easily be adjusted to virtually any level of firmness for purposes of ultimate comfort. It can be easily inflated or deflated within less than 5 minutes.

Intex Classic Downy Queen
This airbed provides a superior sleeping surface that is also ideal for preventing the bedding from slipping off. It is crafted with a heavy-duty air chamber that is perfect for holding air well. It comes with a battery powered-pump and a plastic carry-bag.

The perfect choosing guide

1. Find out whether the airbed deflates and inflates with ease. The best airbed is the one that inflates and deflates with ease

2. You should also consider whether it is crafted to hold air well. The best airbed should hold air well throughout the night.

3. The airbed should be easy to store and transport.

4. The airbed should be ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

And while you’re preparing for the guests, here are some hosting tips for the holiday season.