My experience with Pokemon Go

We all play different type of video games, most of them are popular, others are not but I am sure that we all know this famous game that conquered the world. Even where I live, the people are obsessed with Pokemon Go. And like most of my friends, I downloaded the game because, you know, I was curious. Now I am going to tell you about my experience with this game.

In the beginning everything was okay, I mean we were having fun. My friends and I were searching for Pokemons everywhere we went. Here’s a Pokemon Go guide to getting started for beginners. We met some new people, made new friends while we were catching this little creatures. We thought it was okay, what could happen. It was just one game with more pros than cons (you all know the things they are talking about the game like: getting fit while walking. But then one day four of my friends and I were traveling to the beach with my friend’s car. While he was driving the car and we were talking to each other, he asked me if I mind taking the control of the car just for a minute. I was sitting on the front seat next to him. Firstly, I thought he was not feeling okay so I agreed. But then he just took his phone out of his pocket and started searching for Pokemons. And I was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”. At this time he thought there was a car in front of us and he applied the brake. We didn’t hit, but in this moment I realised how obsessed are all. He decided to not search for Pokemons while he was driving but even the idea of doing it was crazy, you know. Since this day I’m not playing Pokemon Go in a car.

Prepare an Easy Recipe with A Toaster

I come from a family that traditionally has had the best cooks in our neighbor. I love preparing delicious exotic meals and serve them on various special occasions. My friends who are from different cultures have been helpful by teaching me how to cook some of the best traditional dishes in their cultures. I recently learnt how to prepare a recipe that I had never tried before which is very delicious. I learnt this recipe from my cousin Nina, who served it for lunch a few days ago when I visited her. It is a toast recipe that really stimulated my appetite because of its tantalizing aroma and distinctive flavor.

She taught me how to prepare the toast recipe on her toaster. I quickly learnt how to prepare it since it is a simple recipe. When I got home I wanted to prepare the toast again but it wasn’t possible since I don’t have a toaster. I started searching for online for toasters with the best toaster ratings, so that I could get the best toaster. I was looking for a toaster that can toast all bread types quick and how I want them. The rating were useful since the toasters which are made with the best quality, take shorter time toasting and have great heat control features are rated higher.

I bought the toaster with the desirable features that I was looking for and had high ratings. I have learnt other new toast recipes and the toaster is helping me prepare them quickly. I have served these great toast dishes for my guest and they have been amazed how a toast can be a great breakfast and dinner meal. When friends ask me my secret to preparing great toast recipes, I always tell them it because of my good toaster. I have advised most of them to get a toaster with the best toaster ratings in market and they will enjoy making delicious toast recipes. (Tips: How to make easy grilled cheese sandwich with a toaster)

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How A Rice Cooker Solved It All

If you happen to be at my place, don’t be surprised of the love I have for one of my kitchen appliances. No not the fridge but, my rice cookers. My obsession with this cookers started several years ago. Actually, I was in college then. At 17, I loved food, especially rice. That’s how I ended up in a cooking class.

One time our teacher told us to say something about whatever we liked. That’s when I first broke the story about these appliances. I told them (teacher and fellow colleagues) how I was head over my heels for the rice cookers my mama bought. The first couple of seconds as my rice cooker review rolled from my lips to their ears, they laughed me down except the teacher whose attention made to me to go on and unravel everything. Friends let me be honest with you, using the best fuzzy logic rice cooker allows me to do too much with a yummy meal.
cooking rice
I NEVER fear using the rice cookers because chances are everybody will stick at the dining table till the last grain is in their mouth. Here comes the rice cookers. All I do is add whatever that’s on the cooking menu with enough water into the rice cookers. The interesting thing about it is how they SING to me once they start and when they’re through. Another excellent feature is the rice cookers’ timers. I time them and leave them alone while I do something else.

This is how my rice cookers work. They have some settings that come with them. I pay special attention to the settings I will use for special things like steel coats and sushi. However, anything can be cooked on quick cooking settings. I can do grains, beans, vegetables and slow-cooked meat. It works! When I say it works, I mean it. First, I put in a cup of rice and a cup of water. Next, I rinse the rice and when cooking is over I let it rest a bit before I serve it. Remember, the more the rice, the more water needed.

Reference: Frontera Cooking

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Saying I love in Ways that Matter: Good Kitchen Knife Set With Block


I have bought my wife almost everything you can think of, well, at least I would like to think so. On our last anniversary I got her a set of kitchen knives. If you are looking for a good knife set with block then you just found one! I went out looking for a present that would benefit us (it’s a bit selfish I know) but still make her feel good. “You better not be in there using my knives!” She never get tired of saying this every time I stay for more than a minute in the kitchen. She even shouts from the bedroom when she clearly knows its my special night to make her favorite dish. I just think she like saying it. “Make sure you put them back in their block after you’re done, each one in its place, ok?” I just smile.

My wife is cultured. You know what I mean? She likes fine things, stylish things, things that say, “Hey! Check out my class”.

I went for the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 20-Piece Knife Block Set kitchen knife block set. First of all, I was drawn to the name. It sounds a bit regal, like it comes from a special place. I recently discovered that the kitchen knives actually come from a real special place in Germany called Solingen. The place has a history of crafting fine knives and they even have a rule as to who can qualify to brand the name “Solingen” on their knives. This shows how deep they respect their culture and art. A sign of a good product I would say.

Our set of Wüsthof Ikon kitchen knives has everything you will ever need in the kitchen! This massive kitchen arsenal lives up to the hype and pomp given to its origin and manufacturers. Wüsthof is a big name in the knife making industry and their craft goes some 200 years back. With the 8 steak knives, it also includes every other category of kitchen knife in the world. Professional chefs would love this set. Curve, slice, dice, chop or mince, this set caters for everything. Although I haven’t had the chance to use it, the sharpener is also great for an inclusion. The pair of scissors help with snipping juice packs among other things. I used it once to cut wings and it worked just fine.

The German steel alloy used to hand-forge these blades makes them razor sharp while the laser guided tapering ensures they stay sharp for longer. The steel is tempered for durability. The blade is also designed in such a way that you can sharpen the entire blade’s length. You must ensure that you use them properly and store them appropriately in their specific slots, in the finely finished and polished wooden block. Hey, I even got a free curving fork as a bonus on the deal but there was no where to store it on the kitchen knife set block so it goes in the drawer.

The high quality plastic handles are designed in a contoured finishing to fit in your hand for firm gripping. The 3 rivets ensure that the knife is solidly attached together. I also liked the way their trident logo is printed on the handles. Makes them look more authentic.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would gladly give this set 8.5.

Try them out.

How Foundaspace helped Us Find The Best Serviced Offices

To begin with, we operate one of the biggest distributors of computer parts among other accessories, and as a business that wants to tap every single opportunity that arises, we have spread our wings. We now operate in over 5 cities in around the world. The business is doing well and we are even planning to go into a number of countries in the coming years. However, our journey to where we did not come on a silver platter, we have worked our way up to the top, and to some extend I owe all this success to Foundaspace office listings. I will tell you why.


Before we ventured into our current market, it did not take us time to figure out that having the best serviced offices was the only way we could get that confidence and trust from our clients. We talked to a number of agents in those locations, but the kind of services we got is not what we really wanted. It was after what we went through, I decide to talk to a friend who had already established his business in same cities we were going into, and he advised us to first check with Foundaspace office listings. We immediately sort help from Foundaspace and what we got is mind blowing. We got what we needed.

Foundaspace has over and over the yeas provided the best listings for serviced and virtual offices from a good number of countries and ton and tons of cities in and around the world. My advise to others; foundaspace is one of the best things you can go for help if your are looking for the best serviced office for your business. With it, you could easily compare rent for different properties. Ultimately, foundaspace has been a blessing to us, and even as we plan to go into new market, we have already started browsing through foundaspace office listings. It is the place to be.

A Great Sewing Experience


I had sewn since I was in my early twenties. My first job when I finished high school was as a sail-maker in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had grown up sailing on the bay, and sail-making seemed like a way that I could indulge my passion for sailing, and make some money while I was at it.

The fact that I have moved on to other ways of making money shows how successful I was at sail-making.

Sewing is a difficult craft to master. I remember finishing a large spinnaker, and being excited as I laid it out on the floor for inspection, only to look in horror at the puckers and pleats that I had inadvertently created in what was supposed to be a smooth, even surface.

I would watch in awe as our senior sewing expert whizzed through a sail, and try to analyze what he was doing that I was missing.

In the end I was relegated to sewing patches on sails, sewing up the sail bags, and performing other tasks deemed worthy of my lesser skills in the sewing-based arts. And, I turned my bruised ego to handwork; splicing ropes and providing the artistic sort of hand-sewing that is still employed in modern sail-making.

But, that was long ago. When I visited a sewing machine supplier in preparation to begin my article on sewing machine reviews, I figured that I still remembered enough about sewing machines to do the reviews some justice. After all, I had cut my teeth on some fairly large heavy-duty industrial-type sewing machines. So, these beginner home sewing machines couldn’t be very difficult to understand, right?

Wrong. I had forgotten that technology always moves forward. That in the intervening years between my sewing days and my sewing machine review days, Sewing machine manufactures had come up with a dizzying array of computerized machines that provided a multitude of intricate stitches and automatic features.

In the end, my ego was crushed yet again. I simply pointed to the sewing machine that had the most features, and declared it the winner of my ill-fated attempt at sewing machine reviews.

Learn the basics of sewing: